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Automotive Case


How does the car of choice come into the living room? Making products a virtual experience for customers and rethinking sales. How can VR technology be used to innovatively present physical products, such as vehicles, to manufacturers and retailers and to market them to customers? What potential does this offer for manufacturers and customers?

Tablet mit einer AR Anwendung. Damit kann interaktiv die Innenausstattung eines Autos personalisiert werden.

The Solution

Start market research looking at technology, consumer and retail trends. What do customers expect, how are stationary sales changing and what impact do AR and VR technologies have on products and customers.

Evaluation for the sales approach, i.e. where does the marketing potential lie – in aftersales or in new car sales. Focus on new car sales due to the high number of models and the numerous equipment variants.

Derivation of a product strategy and concept as a basis for the virtual application. In view are the customer groups as well as products that are suitable for cross- and up-selling.

Development of the application based on a vehicle model (available CAD data for model and German OEM) for the customer group family with children and the variety of equipment variants as well as realistic driving situations on country roads, in the city and on the coast. The study was embedded in a presentation and marketing concept for potential customers. It also included a business case that considered the economic viability and general conditions for implementation, as well as recommendations for customers.

Ansicht einer in-game VR-Brillenansicht. Damit kann interaktiv die Innenausstattung eines Autos personalisiert werden.

The Result

  • MVP developed for presentations at the customer, first mover approach of the technology in the field of virtual reality for product marketing

  • Development of an innovative sales strategy for up- and cross-selling and sales breadth and target group-oriented marketing

  • Targeted identification of sales potential and customer interests using technology and data evaluation - approach for CRM measures

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