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What is Social AR?

What is Social AR?

Social AR is Augmented Reality displayed through various social apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The social media users are able to change their looks, play games or view information and 3D objects via augmented overlay in the camera app. The camera filters are fun, engaging, and can provide a transaction between a user or customer and a brand or retailer. Other social platforms have AR capabilities too, but Monkey XR is partnering with the top 4 – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
For better understanding take a look at our Sky Formula 1 case or our Sky Documentaries case.

Filters and lenses – What's the difference?

They are the same. However, different social platforms have taken a different approach to what they call them. For instance Snapchat calls their AR camera effects »Lenses« whereas Facebook and Instagram call them »Filters«. These terms are interchangeable. Through users experimenting, playing, and social sharing, the level of brand engagement increases, generating greater awareness.

What is an avatar and what can I do with it?

An avatar is a personalized graphical illustration that represents a user – it is a character or alter ego that represents that user. An avatar can be represented either in three-dimensional form (for example, in games or virtual worlds) or in two-dimensional form as an icon in Internet forums and virtual worlds. Avatars are used widely on websites and in online role-playing games. They are an integral part of Internet chat, Internet messaging systems, blogs and artificial intelligence, particularly virtual reality. See our avatars in our team section.

Why is Monkey XR partnering with Ready Player Me?

Virtual worlds, online gaming, apps, and social media are coalescing into a rapidly evolving Metaverse of destinations and experiences – and Ready Player Me is making it easy for users to create avatars on these different platforms. Over 1,000 companies are already using the SDK that Ready Player Me created for developers, which has resulted in more than 2.5 million avatars generated by end-users. And we believe Ready Player Me is well-positioned to grow as the Metaverse evolves.

What is a virtual influencer?

Virtual influencers or CGI influencers are computer-generated avatars that take the form of real people, like INstagram star Miquela. These influencers are a substitute for human influencers and are used for social media marketing purposes. Virtual influencers have realistic personalities, values, and characteristics that make them seem life-like. You create a digital influencer by using computer graphics. Everything from the clothes these influencers wear to the environments they post pictures in does not exist in the real world.